A Smart Chat with Dr. Cynthia

A Smart Chat with Dr. Cynthia

Meet Our Chief Smarts Officer – Dr. Cynthia Kerson!

She’s the brain in charge of leading the VINA team and ensuring our science and formula maximize the benefits for the brain-gut connection. Dr. Cynthia is a double PhD in Mind Body Medicine and a highly specialized field, Applied Psychophysiology. Throughout her academic tenure, she has focused on mind-body phenomena including the gut-brain connection because of her deep held belief that nutrition, exercise, exposure to sunlight and healthy stress responses keep the body and brain functioning optimally.

In honor of International Women’s Month, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate and share a peek into the genius mind Dr. Cynthia has. Let’s dive in! 


Q: What does a Chief Smarts Officer do? 

A: As CSO for Vina, my job is to provide scholarly information to back up our understanding of the exceptional ingredients in Vina.


Q: How does your medical expertise and experience tie into the beverage sector?

A:My expertise is in brain function and the enteric nervous (gut) system is deeply connected to the brain through many neuro- and hormonal pathways. This relationship results in behavioral and physiological behaviors for better or worse. What we consume supports our health (we are what we eat, right?), so consuming things that are healthy and nutrient-rich goes a long way.


Q: How do trace minerals boost the brain-gut connection?

A:Magnesium - is considered to have natural antidepressant properties 

Chloride - maintains pH in the blood and gut and produces, hydrochloric acid, which helps break down foods in the stomach 

Boron - supports immune function and bone health 

Lithium - generates new neurons and is a natural mood stabilizer 


Q: Why is VINA better than any average sparkling soda?

A: Because it’s very foundation is health-driven. Many other sodas do not use organic ingredients, contain entirely too much sugar, and use chemicals that are shown to cause hyperactivity, anxiety, or depression.


Q: What makes VINA ‘smart’?

A: It’s health-driven ingredients. Apple cider vinegar for its antioxidant and fiber properties, organic ingredients that don’t have residual toxic chemicals, trace minerals – essential since they are not manufactured in the body, so we need to consume them. 


Q: VINA’s team is made up of a majority of women, a fact we’re super proud of. How do you feel leading a women-operated brand?

A: Well, being a woman, it makes me quite proud as well.


Q: Why is it especially important for women to focus on their brain-gut connection?

A: Women are more susceptible to toxins by nature, and the calories from high caloric foods are more easily absorbed than by men. As well, women are more prone to depression and manage the effects of their menstrual cycle, so need to remain more diligent than men in what they consume.


Q: In addition to drinking Soda with Smarts, what’s another easy way to improve our health?

A: Exercise. Get out in the sun. Avoid blue light before bed to improve sleep. Sleep more! And watch other aspects of consumption. 


Thank you Dr. Cynthia for your wisdom! Click here to view watch her interview on our instagram.


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