Better-For-You Drinks to Improve Health

Better-For-You Drinks to Improve Health

Have you been trying to change your lifestyle to improve your health but feel like you have little progress? Have you been eating all of the “right” things and exercising, only to feel the same as the day before? If this sounds like you, you may want to look at what you are drinking during the day. 

More often than not, when we start healthy lifestyle changes, we only look at the foods we eat. You stop eating the late-night snacks, switch out your fries for a salad, and drop your desserts to once a week instead of every night. You add exercise to your daily routine. All of these things are great, but you might be sabotaging yourself with the drinks that you’re choosing. 

If you want to improve your health, don't forget to consider what you are drinking! Drinks can be full of sugars and empty calories, which can completely sabotage all the hard work you are putting in. At VINA, we never discount the importance of a refreshing drink to get us through the day. Here are some better-for-you drinks that will leave your tastebuds satisfied and your body thanking you for all of the added nutrients. 

Coconut Water

Coconut water, not to be confused with coconut milk, is liquid from the inside of a young coconut. Coconuts are extremely hard to open, and there is only about a cup of water in the coconut. For this reason, it is much easier to purchase coconut water. When buying coconut water, it is best to find a brand that’s as pure as possible, so you know you are not getting added sugars or ingredients that can be harmful to your overall health. 

Coconut water has a sweet, nutty flavor that’s incredibly refreshing. Drinking coconut water not only adds to your daily intake of water, but it is also full of nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. Drinking coconut water can help with digestion, metabolic function, and kidney and heart health, and it can provide electrolytes. 

Prebiotic Soda

While actively considering the prebiotics that we’re consuming is relatively recent, we have been unknowingly consuming prebiotics forever. Prebiotics are special fibers in plants that provide fuel to the healthy bacteria in the gut. 

It has been long known that we need balanced levels of good bacteria in the gut, but what is feeding all those organisms? The answer is prebiotics. 

As it turns out, Americans, on average, are only getting about 15 grams of fiber, including prebiotic fiber, a day, which is about half the recommended amount. Besides adding more plant-based foods to your diet, you can also add delicious prebiotic soda. Increasing your prebiotics can assist with your digestive health and overall immune health, help maintain a healthy weight, and aid in absorbing nutrients. 

At VINA, we have a selection of five deliciously satisfying flavors of prebiotic drinks. Along with prebiotics, our drinks have added brain-supporting minerals that help you stay focused throughout the day. You will never find artificial ingredients in our drinks. Made with real fruit juice and sweetened with stevia, drinking VINA will leave both your body and your taste buds happy. 


Kombucha may seem like a new trend, but in fact, it has been around for thousands of years. Beginning in China, it has been long thought to have healing properties. Kombucha is made by fermenting black or green tea, making a sour, slightly sweet, fizzy drink. 

One caveat to kombucha is that there is a small percentage of alcohol due to the fermentation process. The alcohol level is generally under 0.5% for it to be sold in stores, so it is safe for most people to drink. 

The health benefits of kombucha come from the tea it is made with. Both black and green tea are full of polyphenols. Polyphenols have antioxidant properties and can calm inflammation, which supports overall health. 

From the fermentation process, kombucha is also full of probiotics. Probiotics are live organisms that, when consumed, provide your gut with the healthy bacteria it needs to function efficiently. When your gut can better digest foods, it can properly absorb and release the nutrients into the body. Among many other benefits, probiotics can help with digestion health, support healthy cholesterol levels, and support immunity.

Fresh Juice

Juice can be controversial. However, when we talk about juice, we don’t mean overly processed, sugary juice drinks. While, sure, there may be a smidgen of fruit in these drinks, all the added ingredients negate the benefits the fruit brings. However, if you make your own juice or buy 100% juice or fresh juice, you are giving your body lots of nutrients in a concentrated, easy-to-absorb form. 

The benefits of your juice will depend on the fruits and vegetables used to make the juice. When choosing your juice options, don't forget to look for or include things like ginger, turmeric, and garlic. These ingredients add to the nutrition of the juice and may provide pain relief, boost immunity, and calm inflammation.


Similar to juice, make sure your smoothie isn’t full of extra sugar. While there are different smoothie brands on the market, making a smoothie at home can be just as easy, especially if you prep your fruits and veggies ahead of time. 

Smoothies are as healthy as the ingredients you add to the blender. Focusing on fruits like berries, bananas, and avocados, and adding in leafy greens, will give you vitamin and mineral intake a big boost. 

You can also add nuts and seeds to get more protein in your diet. Unlike juice, when you make a smoothie, you're getting the entire fruit or vegetable, giving your body the added fiber. 

Infused Water

While it’s absolutely necessary for our health, water can be boring. For many people, getting their recommended water intake is a struggle because of the lack of taste. 

Instead of drinking plain water, mix it up. You can add lemon, lime, berries, cucumbers, and even herbs like mint or basil to infuse your water for a better taste. Bonus: when you add in these fresh ingredients, you are getting their health benefits as well. 

Fruit is a great way to add flavor to your water. Citrus is known for its high levels of vitamin C, which helps build blood vessels, cartilage, muscle, and collagen. It is also an antioxidant that helps fight free radicals and oxidative stress in the body. 

Adding berries to your water is a great way to help boost your metabolism. Berries are high in fiber and vitamin C and low in calories. Berries also add a sweet flavor that can help curb your sweet tooth.

Adding cucumbers to your water can add a refreshing flavor while adding many nutrients to your water. Cucumbers are high in antioxidants, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Cucumber water can benefit your skin, keep you hydrated, and benefit overall health. 

Herbs also provide many health benefits to your water. Basil may help reduce stress, anxiety, and inflammation. Mint may help with digestion and help freshen your breath. You can get all these benefits while making sure you’re getting your daily recommendation of water. 


By switching out your daily beverages with better-for-you options, you will be better able to meet your health goals. Not only do the drinks above add a lot of health benefits, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they are also delicious.

At VINA, health is important, but so is taste! Switching out your soda for one of our prebiotic sodas is a great way to make a change in your health journey.



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