Update from our Co-founder Alex Matthews

Update from our Co-founder Alex Matthews

Vina is improving upon their groundbreaking prebiotic soda with a new stevia-free formulation! While other functional beverages feature various ingredients with corresponding health benefits that target either the brain or gut, VINA’s formulation is expertly designed to address the connection between the two. The key functional ingredients in VINA’s USDA-Certified Organic formula including an essential, proprietary blend of prebiotics, trace minerals, plant fiber and ACV will remain the same. 


Since the beginning, VINA has been unrelenting in its commitment to being an entirely organic brand. When it came to stevia, this was no exception. Organic stevia is notoriously challenging to work with because it is completely unprocessed and therefore a much harsher input to forumulations. Additionally, many consumers report a bitter aftertaste from stevia-sweetened products.

We understand that stevia doesn’t create the best taste experience for everyone. We want people to love VINA without a single qualifier so we were eager to make this improvement to our recipe,” said Founder and CEO, Alex Matthews, “We are very excited to announce that VINA is now stevia-free. We found that a pinch of organic cane sugar and erythritol keeps our sugar count under 5 grams per can and vastly improves the overall taste. It was very much a win-win and a no-brainer to make this change.”

Since relaunching earlier this year, VINA’s mission has been to celebrate smart choices while preserving the fun and joy of daily life, like enjoying a can of soda. There are many accessible options we encounter each day that might seem small or inconsequential, but compounded, they yield big results. According to the brand, smart choices pay off in dividends over time. This philosophy has proved popular with consumers that expect traditional flavor and feel without compromising on nutritional value. VINA has gone as far as to engage an academic expert in mind-body health to verify that each ingredient contributes to the goal of optimal wellness as a result of a healthy connection between the brain and gut.

Dr. Cynthia Kerson, a double PhD in Mind Body Medicine and Applied Psychophysiology is VINA’s Chief Smarts Officer and has been entrusted with ensuring the current products and forthcoming new lines all meet the brand’s high standards for functionality. 

“Alex and the team have worked tirelessly to create something exceptional in taste as well as scientifically-backed function,” said Kerson, “The brain and gut operate in a symbiotic relationship. When one is in distress, the other suffers. Likewise, when one is balanced and thriving, the other reaps the rewards. VINA is 'smart' because it supports the neurotransmitters between them which essentially addresses mind-body wellness at its very core."

VINA’s New Stevia-Free Formula

VINA’s new stevia-free formula comes in five flavors: Ginger Fizz, Cherry Pop, Grapefruit, Lime Lemon and Pomegranate. All blends are still 5g of sugar or less, 25 calories or less, certified USDA Organic, gluten-free, vegan and made with all natural ingredients.

Vina Prebiotic Soda is available at Whole Foods Market, Erewhon Market, Good Eggs, Lassens, Misfits Market and nationwide through independent natural grocers.