WITH A VISION make soda smart. To optimize something not so good for you and make it really, really great. We took that fizzy goodness and reformulated it with function for the brain and the gut—because they’re a package deal.

Whether you’re a pop purist or in the market for refreshment, VINA is an oasis in the desert of soda options. It’s not just better for you, it’s smarter for you. So, join us. Come sit under our umbrella and sip soda that tastes like summer and makes the mind shine.

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Our premium Ph minerals are an electrochemically-charged source of a broad spectrum of minerals to keep your bones, muscles, heart and brain working well.


Inulin is plant fiber, typically extracted from Chicory Root. Research has linked it to several health benefits, such as improved digestion and gut health.


Prebiotics from fermented apples are a form of dietary fiber that feed the good bacteria in the gut, which leads to an optimal digestive ecosystem.


Hey, I’m Alex and I’ve been on a wild ride with beverages. Ten years ago, I unexpectedly found myself becoming a juice evangelist. This was before liquified kale was mainstream, so it was still considered a bit strange. Sitting outside my hole-in-the wall hippy juice spot, sipping something leafy, I realized that I wasn’t alone.

It turned out that many people popping in and out for their daily wellness fix were interested in drinking something next-level healthy. Juice Served Here opened in LA in 2012 and I haven’t looked back from beverages since. Juices, a creative studio with some stellar clients (Here Studio), an all-day café (Highly Likely), and a tepache brand (De La Calle) later, I’m relaunching VINA, a soda with smarts.

This way of thinking is supported by leading neurologists. At VINA, we challenged ourselves to cram “The Smarts’ (fiber, minerals, ACV) into every can for unprecedented functionality and flavors that are lip smacking good! The brain-gut connection is a must-have for optimal mind-body balance and a healthy life. Think of VINA like this, it’s not just a better soda, it’s a smarter soda. I absolutely love this product (especially the taste) and what it does for me. I’m quite excited to start sharing it with you all.

Cheers to smart choices,

Alex Matthews
Founder & CEO

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The brain and gut are a package deal. Connected by millions of nerves, balance between them is key. VINA is formulated to benefit both—all in the interest of making you feel brilliant from brain to belly.


Dr Cynthia Kerson Chief Smarts Officer

Our Chief Smarts Officer Dr. Cynthia Kerson is a double PhD in Mind Body Medicine and a highly specialized field, Applied Psychophysiology. Throughout her academic tenure, she has focused on mind body phenomena including the gut brain connection because of her deep held belief that nutrition, exercise, exposure to sunlight and healthy stress responses keep the body and brain functioning optimally. Prior to academia, Dr. Kerson was a clinical practitioner for almost two decades.

Today, Dr. Kerson combines her areas of academic expertise, research in brain function and clinical experience as a professor at Saybrook University. She is also an entrepreneur. She founded and runs APEd, an organization focused on training clinicians to adopt self-regulation interventions into their practices. Dr. Kerson has lectured internationally, been featured on TV, including the popular show, MythBusters, published many articles and book chapters on key topics in neuroscience and is considered an international expert in self-regulation.