What is the brain-gut connection?

The brain and gut are a packaged deal when it comes to feeling good. Connected by millions of nerves and chemicals called neurotransmitters, they are in a symbiotic (and pretty co-dependent) relationship. When one is in distress, the other suffers. It’s a two-way street. Poor mental health triggers poor biome function. It’s a vicious cycle. Thus, you can literally change your gut’s mind with good nutrition and smart choices for your microbiome.

What makes VINA so smart?

VINA is smart soda because it’s multifaceted and hyperfunctional. Our formula and ingredient selection is designed to address not one or the other in isolation but the connection between the two for optimal wellness. VINA is particularly bright because it keeps you on autopilot. By nourishing this connection at its core, you allow your brain to do the work without any meddling from an unhealthy gut.

What is the difference between VINA and other better-for-you sodas?

No disrespect to other prebiotic sodas. They are undeniably a better alternative to traditional sugar-ridden options (which is really bad for your healthy gut biome). But VINA isn’t just better, it’s smarter. We got to the core of things with our formulation that zeros in on the brain-gut connection - the bidirectional link. Of course, we want your stomach settled and microbiome thriving but when the gut and brain communicate efficiently (no stress in or between the gut or brain), seamless signals are sent between the two for a discernible improvement in cognitive function and long term benefits to brain health.

What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotics are plant fibers and food for probiotics – so, don’t feed them junk! Probiotics keep your microbiome healthy (or unhealthy). And a thriving microbiome is a superpower for optimal brain health.

What are trace minerals?

A note from our Chief Smarts Officer: The minerals in VINA are micro but mighty. They are what we consider ‘essential’ because they must be consumed since we don’t manufacture them independently. They are found in fruit, veggies, fish, legumes, whole grains and now, VINA. The microminerals contribute to a multitude of regulatory functions in the human body. These are some of the trace minerals in VINA that I love because they are working the hardest for you: Magnesium is considered to have natural antidepressant properties. Chloride maintains pH in the blood and gut and produces hydrochloric acid, which helps break down foods in the stomach. Boron supports immune function and bone health. Lithium generates new neurons and is a natural mood stabilizer. -Dr. Kerson


What is Vina’s sugar content?

VINA contains 5g of sugar or less per can. Our sugar content comes from a small amount of fruit infusions. VINA contains zero added sugar.

Where is VINA made?

VINA is made in sunny Santa Clarita, California.

Is VINA certified organic?

Yes, VINA is USDA certified organic.


Can I drink VINA if I am a diabetic?

Yes, you can. While VINA does not contain any added sugar, there are natural sugars in the ingredients we use in our formulations. We recommend that you consult your doctor concerning any dietary questions related to sugar intake.

Does VINA contain any allergens?

VINA does not contain any major allergens. However, please be sure to read the label for our full ingredient list or visit our product page where we include all ingredients for each flavor.

Can I drink VINA if I’m pregnant?

VINA’s ingredients are safe to consume while pregnant. However, we always recommend that you consult your doctor if you have dietary questions or concerns.


How does it work?

You can subscribe for recurring shipments of your favorite Vina products. Select the “Subscribe and Save 15% on all shipments” option on the product page and select your frequency.

Can I cancel anytime?

Of course! You can cancel at any time by going to Your Account, clicking on the specific product subscription and selecting “Cancel Subscription.” Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need additional support at orders@drinkvina.com.

How do I manage my subscription?

Whether you want to change your flavor or skip a shipment, it’s easy to adjust your VINA delivery at any time. After your first subscription is placed, you will want to log into your VINA account. Go to “Your Subscriptions” to edit your ship date, frequency, quantity, add one-time products and more.